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The next day, black spine forest.


The sun was shining high outside, and it was scattered across the mountains. It was a sudden collapse here, and it was like falling into an abyss. Convergence of light, dark forest, also exudes a faint stench.

In the open land of the forest, Long Qiu put down a three-legged copper tripod and sat down cross-legged. This tripod is custom-made, and the brass casting of the eight children is not cheap.

Nanjing Night Net and Jiangsu Night Network poked behind him and curiously looked at the younger sister. After all, such things as smelting and smashing were the first sight.

Long Qiu first worked out a green powder, threw it into the tripod, and then set fire to heat it. Within a short while, Dingzhong floated a strange and pungent smell.

People are very uncomfortable to smell, and poisonous insects are rushing.

She is usually soft and weak, but it can be stained with maggots and it has its own style. At the moment, the small face is positive, the beautiful stare gazes, and attention is given to the surrounding forest.

The result was one minute, two minutes, three minutes… It seemed that it had waited for a long time. The poisonous mosquito did not come.

“Don’t worry about it. Today, Saturday, they may rest.” Jiangsu Night Net comforted.

“Emm, maybe it’s getting up, it’ll be over for a while.” Nanjing Night Net is also comforting.

Long Qiu, with a small red face, could not help but said: “It’s because you are here. Mosquitoes do not dare to come back! I can!”

She is rarely embarrassed with people, she is ashamed and embarrassed. Nanjing Night Net learned the problems of Jiangsu Night Net, rubbed her hair and laughed: “Why do you go back, we’ll help you find it.”

When he said, he fell into the forest.

“Wait, ah, don’t move!” Jiangsu Night Net dropped one sentence, the same no shadow.


Long Qiu bit the lip bite, I feel very embarrassed and lightly shouted: “The gold silkworm, go catch some mosquitoes!”

When the voice just fell, there was an invisible wave flew out of her body and swayed. The moment I touched the ground, I suddenly realized that I had turned into a fat doll that wore red bumps and was tender and white.

Gold silkworms are invisible and deformed, and they like to transform into snakes, frogs, and stuff like male dolls. When it’s true, it’s pretty cute when it doesn’t run away.

Xiaoqiu sat waiting in the same place. After about five minutes, he listened to a humming noise.


Nanjing Night Net and Jiangsu Night Net rushed out with a group of poisonous mosquitoes from the east. The mosquito swarmed ahead and was constrained by the continuous spiritual power to escape.

Poor poisonous mosquitoes, who were so easily abused at the beginning, now only have been beaten.

At about the same time, the west side was crackling.

A large black mist suddenly appeared. A mosquito only pressed forward desperately. It seemed that he was running away.

Behind the dark fog, the fat doll chased after his face, although he couldn’t speak, but opened his mouth, it looked like a mouthful.

“Too much!”

Long Qiu screamed and hurriedly pulled out a white powder and threw it in. When two large groups of mosquitoes were plunged into Dingzhong, she immediately cut her arm and dipped in a lot of blood.

“Empty air!”

At that moment, the copper turmoil shook, and countless poisonous mosquitoes madly struck inside and bite each other for a long time.

“Is this over?” Nanjing Night Net Qiqi.

“This is just the beginning. It takes seventy- ninety- ninety-nine days to form a blood mosquito, and then I will take it again.” Long Qiudao.

Jiangsu Night Net aimed at no interest in the two eyes, turned his head, just caught the gold silkworm. She felt that this kind of talented and able-to-mouse gentleman had studied and studied in the past.


The gold silkworm looked at her, and the man behind him, was still fresh in memory! If you can’t beat it, tear it in minutes! It does not want to ignore, small short legs up a look, physical invisible, stunned and drilled back.


Jiangsu Night Net blinked and asked eagerly: “You Xiaoqiu, you said that it will become stronger in the future. Will you speak?”

“I don’t know, no one has really tamed the silkworm, it is bound by it … Perhaps, maybe it will.” Long Qiu is not sure.

“Well, it’s better to speak! You think about it. You have a big fat boy out of white. The second is laughing and joking. You can eat people in a blink of an eye. This setting is quite sensible!” Jiangsu Night Net began to grow nervous again.


Nanjing Night Net has a sloppy grin, and the scene is chilling.

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While driving, I guessed, what was the next time?

The IKEA shop was smashed.

Jiang Ma was sitting in her office. She was depressed, but she still comforted her hand and said, “I’ve already told Che’s dad how to do it. My family’s son and his brother are all people who have seen the guns and guns. Do not be afraid of prostitutes.”

“Uh,” I dare not say. I’m not afraid. Your son is actually scarier.

“If the little three is just fine, call back, ah, lick it.” Jiang Ma gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Where come so many rounding all rounds? Hey, or the little three to my temper … … dare to , just hit back.”

“…” couldn’t catch the word, watching the mother in front of Nanjing Night Net, some cry and laughter, in short, still a true and amiable and lovely person ah.

“Let’s go, let’s go over there and see.” Jiang Mu La took a pickpocket.

“Okay, I’ll drive.” I don’t know what’s going on. The feeling of this kind of well-behaved young woman is something she didn’t have and she didn’t dare to expect. Now it’s a bit indulging.

“Auntie.” Sitting in the car, looking ahead, he suddenly shouted.

Jiang Mu turns her head. “Huh?”

“I like you…”

“Ah,” Jiang Ma reluctantly adapted to this expression that was not part of the rural people and followed him with a joke: “You, did you miss the word?”

Hey: “Hmm?”

“I think there are two words behind.”

Your face was red.

When Jiang Ma finished saying he couldn’t wait to hit her own mouth, how should I do it? I couldn’t agree to it. But she was more and more distressed by this niece. I am grateful to this niece.

As a mother with a son, she probably liked all beautiful, good-looking girls.

The two were silent for a while and the car was outside the IKEA branch.

“Many people,” Jiang said, yelling at the window.

“Yeah.” He also looked at it with a partial head.

There were hundreds of people crowded outside the store. These people should all have come to see the hustle and bustle of IKEA after they were told that the IKEA and Guomei wars are already hot in Linzhou.

People who eat melons saw the situation further heated up, and their enthusiasm increased.

IKEA was shouted by Guomei.

Even if there is no evidence, IKEA did not stand up and say anything clearly here. The people are still very certain that what the quality of the product is, so happened to happen at this time, and that there were seven strong men. The means were so intense… That’s too fake.

IKEA has always had a good reputation in after-sales service. The people will not doubt this aspect at all, and they all look like mirrors.

and so……

“Ikea is also local, how can it be so useless?”

People who are standing outside can’t wait for the show because they can’t wait for the IKEA counterattack.

Jiang Ma heard it and turned to look at him and said, “Oh, let’s call it white bully… but don’t worry, prostitute. If my mouth doesn’t show up this time, I’m not finished with him.”

“Ah…” I haven’t had time to finish a sentence.

“Come on.” A cry came from the crowd.

Followed by crowds of people conceding, flashed a road.

Seven people, carrying two brand-new counters, walked through the crowds and walked into IKEA, honestly installed them, wiped them clean, and looked for IKEA employees who had been pushed before to apologize, and went to the cashiers office for compensation.

During this period, IKEA did not even show his face.

After this, seven people began to clean up… Yes, it is cleaning, including the door.

“Who?” someone asked.

“It was the people who had shoped before, seven and one not bad. I happened to be there right now, and I couldn’t go wrong.” Others replied: “If you do this, don’t ask for advice first. Ikea’s weight in Linzhou.”

There is a sense of pride in the tone, local businesses, after all, no one to step on the students …

Of course, if they really buy electricity, they still look at the price.

For a time, the voices of the people in the crowd all turned their winds.

“Ikea is a breeze. How can we do it? It’s a great way.”

“You don’t know if IKEA has a glorious entertainment below. Who does that call, don’t know? Although people are doing charity now, they are bosses, but the name is reported. Now those people on the street are mixed, which is not the same. Shake three shakes?”

“Who?” Someone asked no questions.

“Tang Lianzhao, you know it just by asking, and it’s two years ago.” The man lowered his voice and whispered: “But don’t go out and say, ah… People are right now, and they’ve got government recognition. Youth, big boss.”


Jiang Ma listened. Some were pleased, satisfied, and looked back in confusion.

“Aunt you see, this is all right. I’ll send you back.” He started the car.

Jiang Ma also had some worry, saying: “Again, this is lowering?”

“It’s not even a bow. After all, it’s not an apology in the name of Guomei.” You said: “But the meaning should be very clear. The other person in the hand confessed and couldn’t play.”

“Oh,” Jiang Mu murmured slowly and nodded. “Che was really a gang.”

“…” I was inexplicably bursting with laughter and a bit of excitement. How could it seem that I was starting to feel a bit like watching Chee eaten? There are not many people who can rule him. The most powerful one is now.

“It’s not like saying that the black ones are the next three ways.” He said: “I guess the other party is definitely looking for a relationship with the public security. But someone stopped us from accepting this hand.”

While driving, I guessed, what was the next time?

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“I was scared.”

“To say that we, in fact, have eaten no cultural deficits.” Hu Min thought that Nanjing Night Net is a school to go to school, and made such a big career, once graduated, but also to test, and then, he said with some emotion : “I didn’t even go to school. When I was at home, I was really poor. I had to help my work when I was a child. I didn’t have a school when I came to the village again. Therefore, I never learned a day.”

He thought, in any case, that the gulls and the ship dolls had to read more.

The opposite Zhao Sandun nodded slightly.

“I’m not the same as you. My aunt was alive at the time and was willing to read it for me.” Sandun said: “But the school is quit…”


“As soon as I read the second grade to register, the principal and the teacher asked me to marry my mother and say that if I read it again, the school will be dispersed. The other children will see the day crying and refusing to come to school.”


“I was scared.”

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Nanjing Night Net said that he must not be hysterical when he says this, otherwise he will lose his seat.

On the side of the banquet hall, small boxes, Nanjing Night Net just finished talking with the sisters of Zhong Jia and confirmed that their side would immediately come out of the Zhong Cheng period and pass the barrister to announce the legal inheritance of Zhong Jia industry.

Hanging on the phone, Nanjing Nightlight turned and confused, “What about old Zheng?”

Qu Donger put the spoon next to the fruit bowl and looked around. It was as confused as saying: “It was clearly still there.”

Secretary Zheng at this time has already appeared in front of Zhong Fang who has just returned to his seat.

When the two men looked at each other, Zhong Fangzhi had not yet recovered. Secretary Zheng slightly smiled. He first spoke and slowly said, “Hexi is thirty years old and Hedong is thirty years old.

After he finished, he got up and went away. Nanjing Night Net said that he must not be hysterical when he says this, otherwise he will lose his seat.

Behind him, Zhong Fang and the two elders confused.

There are two things that Zheng Shuji never thought of:

First, what is the meaning of this sentence in the end, Zhongjia three did not understand.

Second, the clock did not recognize him.

The first point is almost equal to throwing flirtatious eyes to the blind man, which is a pity. However, when he is sorry, Secretary Zheng will not be upset and angry. At most, he will laugh at him for a moment.

In contrast, the second point is really serious.

The four people under house arrest, Zhong Fang had seen it once. At that time, he remembered the tall and burly Chen You vertical, because this person was able to play at a glance, to guard against; he also remembered the cute Qu Dong Er, this is a weakness, can be used as a threat, let Nanjing Night Net Impossible to quit, dare not resist; As for Nanjing Night Net, let alone.

Therefore, in four people at the time, Secretary Zheng as the most characteristic one was completely ignored.

This can’t stand it.

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Sitting in the police station as the victim and the informant.

Sitting in the police station as the victim and the informant.

Safety is guaranteed. The gas has been eliminated. Nanjing Nightcome has returned to peace. She calmly described to the investigators the experiences of the villagers in the past few days. In particular, just after that, the villagers were besieged by hundreds of social scumbags and had to rise up. , a weeping story.

Secretary Zheng added a few nonsense clauses to supplement it from time to time:

“This can’t be given to the pennant. How can it be justified? Dozens of people rush to us with an iron bar. What can we do? If we don’t fight back, they’ll have to hold down the broken leg… Ma Di, You speak for yourself.”

As one of the victims, Ma Di also picked up his clothes to show his wounded ribs, saying:

“They took us around. I didn’t dare to hide under my first fight. The second water pipe shone on my head and I didn’t hide. I could only hide. Then Zhao Zhengbin let people hold me down and prepare me to break. Legs… The folks rushed to save me.”

Madi finished looking at the outside.

Outside, Zhao Zhengbin was plastered and sat with a bandage around. This guy was injured and could still be brought… he is now a suspect.

In fact, the situation of Zhao Zhengbin, even the real sense of the rich second generation is not, it is a little money at home a little bully. Really rich second generation, who gathered all day with the lowest level on the street to get together, but also spend money to buy, play so low-end?

What he was thinking about was bullying a few country bumps. He did not know what kind of thunder he was stepping on.

The current situation is a bit complicated. It is obviously that he made a phone call – the other side reported the case.

“You first talked about the fact that in the past few days, what happened to the farmers’ booths and wounding people in the city was not what you did?” The policemen handling the case stared at him sharply. “I advise you not to attempt to quibble, we have preliminary evidence …and the villagers had previously reported the crimes. The people who were brought along with you have also been successively identified. Then, they have all confessed that you are the commander.”

It turned out that he was being severely interrogated.

The wind is not correct. Zhao Zhengbin feels it. He would like to say, “The police big brother, you look at me first. I can’t explain this problem with my shape.”

“Bang” two times, half the face was swollen with a shank-like, slurred speech, Zhao Zhengbin has many words to say, such as suit men or something, but he tried to shut up and chose to shut up, first wait.

Soon, a 40-year-old man rushed into the police station…and turned around and looked around.

“Zheng Bin, Zheng Bin, what about my son?”

Zhao Zhengbin was sitting behind him and said clearly: “Hang, I’m happy. Isn’t it sudden? Isn’t it hanging?”

The daddy who had just returned from the surrounding cities had not breathe evenly, and he carefully identified it. Hey, it was.

“Zheng Bin, ah, son, how did you do this, who did it? The gangs of farmers? Rest assured, Dad must give you gas.” Zhao Zhengbin’s father did not know much of the news, angry under the two steps before the police handling the case, Direct Road: “You close the director? I am his friend, I want to see you off the director.”

The case police had long been accounted for, and they heard a cold face and looked up and said: “The director of the customs office is busy and does not have time to see you.”

The other party did not even ask the question… Zhao Dad’s mistake was wrong. His relationship with Guan Guan was not related to the interests, but the relationship was generally not bad.

With regard to this attitude of the director, isn’t it easy to mess with?

Isn’t that just a rural peasant?

Like his son, he did not know that things were actually much worse than he thought.

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Want to stop the trend, Nanjing Night Net wants to drive back the old man.

In the stock market, Hu’s sudden appearance put this matter back in front of Nanjing Night Net. This area he is not familiar with is exactly the starting point of his reborn wealth.

And this time he was not careful, he was a god.

Actually, Nanjing Night Net has always only vaguely remembered a few stocks, a few general trends. Although this “only” sounds excessive.

The nearest room for a few people to sit in the cafeteria, sit down, Nanjing night network to roughly recall:

“In 1993, I remember being the beginning of a super-bear market? This kind of bear as a whole will last until about 1996, during which several times the Mavericks were shot down.”

Want to stop the trend, Nanjing Night Net wants to drive back the old man.

After all, this guy has been sincerely respectful since his last contact. Even if he can’t even dare to harass him on the phone, he has also made every effort to avoid the gains and losses, and he is very satisfied.

This probably proves that this once-small fishing village’s sea-seeking man is, to some extent, not as slovenly as his “professional”.

“How obviously you already know that the situation is not good in the second half of 1992. You are still rolling in the stock market?” Nanjing Night Net added sugar to the coffee and looked up.

“No, no, I took a break for a while. It’s only been a few days.” After a nervous explanation, Daddy’s rough man suddenly shy and he scratched his head and said, “That, god… oh, you’re expecting No, my friends are jokingly calling me fishing village stocks. Because they have lost a lot of money this year, I have returned after my earnings.”

Fishery village God, Nanjing night net giggle, his face is a bit strange.

When Hu Yi looked at it, he was a bit panicked and said anxiously: “I didn’t say anywhere, really. I just saw Yang Lichang talking with a few friends. I just mentioned it to a few familiar people around, and rest assured that they are I don’t know who you are, I don’t know. This is my appointment with Yang Lichang.”

“Oh,” said Nanjing Night Net’s indifference, he said that he was still not very happy about it. He followed him and asked, “Yes, what is Yang Lichang now?”

“Afterwards, I was fierce with a dragon across the river. I didn’t fall, but it seemed to be too bad. There was little news this time.”

“This way, ah.” Nanjing Yeewang said that he still got in trouble, and sometimes it is not good if people are strong for a long time. Many things that could have been resolved can only be vindicated, and the result is harmful and unhelpful.

The only way to benefit others is to be king, he thought.

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The Nanjing Night Net squatted and did not make it clear.

The next morning.

“Do you want me to come with you? Although Professor Shi is very kind, but you haven’t seen each other after all.” At the entrance of Professor Shi’s office, Lin Yujing asked Nanjing Night Network to ask.

Nanjing Night Net thought to say: “Or don’t. If you want money, you are his student, you are afraid of being embarrassed. I’m not familiar with him anyway, so it’s good to say it. So you just go over there first. The classroom is sitting for a while. I will come in a moment.”

“Well, OK. If you really want to get the fee, you can come to see me again. Once a semester, then what?”

“…I fight for it.”

“Well, that’s more points.”

Lin Yujing left and waited until he knocked on the door. Nanjing Night Net knew how wise it was to make this decision.

“I’ve heard what you said at the door, haha.” Professor Shi smiled heartily, talking and teasing. “Last day, when I happened to catch up with the poetry club activities and saw the poems you wrote, suddenly there was an idea. So I want to see you…I’m in trouble.”

“No, Professor Shi is polite.” Nanjing said that the old professor’s demeanor was really good and he was very comfortable.

“Please.” The tea is good, Professor Shi looks up and raises his hand…


Regained consciousness, pushed the thick glasses, and he looked carefully at the young man in front of him… The entire portrait was bumped and shook.

“Professor Shi is good, I am…” Nanjing Night Net has already greeted the door and had to make it up again.

As a result Professor Shi said: “Korean, Korean…”

The next word is just around the corner, Professor Shi’s lips are obvious.

No way? Nanjing Night Net knows that it is not possible to run around in the streets of Shenghai, but also pays attention to it. Even he has actually imagined that he may one day be caught in normal life.

However, this is a university, a famous university.

After eye contact, I knew I couldn’t escape. Nanjing Night Net was the first to succeed. “You’re an upright university professor or a science and engineering person. Do you believe in qigong?”

“I, I didn’t believe it, just look at scientific investigations,” Professor Shi said, “I happened to meet you and studied your book “Nine Turning Gold Medallion” and felt that it was in line with the human body. Mechanism, I only believed a little.”

Still pulling science? However, it is also true that this year was known as the science of qigong. Nanjing Night Network sighed and said, “What should we do next?”

Professor Shi thought for a moment and carefully said: “…you say? Listen to you, Master Han.”

Nanjing Night Net also thought for a moment. It seems that it is not enough to destroy the mouth. It is said: “In short, it is our own people, right?”

“Yes, my own people, my own people.” Professor Shi nodded hard.

Two people sat down, drank tea and relaxed for a while.

“嘿嘿”, Professor Shi put down the cup, looked up and looked at the eyelids and said, “I didn’t think of it. The legendary last moment, Han Li, the master of the wind blowing away from the fallen leaves, was still in Shenghai and went to the university to write. The poet cheats the little girl.”

The old man’s face is full of expressions, that is proud.

Nanjing Night Net smiled and said calmly: “Nothing, a steady gas field, normal life.”

“Oh, oh, master Han Li is really powerful, even poetry is written so well,” Prof Shi smiled and tried. “Is it true that Han Li’s master can really lead the mine? Some information has been found in the publications…”

Nanjing Night Network said: “You guess?”

Prof. Shi was alert and resolutely decided to avoid this topic and asked, “Where do you plan to go next?”

Nanjing Night Network think about it: “Professor.”


“I want to go to college,” said Nanjing Night Net. “And, there is a lot of trouble for the draft fee. And, you know me, and you don’t even have to mention Lin Yujing.”


About half an hour later.

“So much?” Lin Yujing looked at the royalties she got at Nanjing Night.

“Which is more? A few times, it’s just a normal draft fee, which is exactly what you need to pay for dinner,” said Nanjing Night Net, putting money in her pocket and saying, “With peace of mind, your school has money.”

“Well, then you go back…”

“I have more money than your school.”

“Griggled,” Lin Yujing feared that she had fallen out of her boyfriend’s face and reluctantly refused to say anything. “I’ll be there, wait for you to come back.”

“Well, you still have classes, go for it.”

“how about you?”

“I’m walking around.”

“Oh, good. I go back to the hospital to find you.”

Lin Yujing went to the classroom and took the Nanjing Night Net out of the school gate. He took a scarf and walked up the street. He took a “remembering” mentality and he took a look at the nearest stock exchange.

Hu Hao came to the front, this guy actually went back to the sea, and actually still play stocks.

“Stock God?!” The old man was so impressed with Nanjing Night Network that he had to confirm his actions a few times.

“Don’t bark, I’m not.”

“Yeah, you are… When you look at it in 1992, it’s almost over. Now many big people have heard of one thing.” Hu Wei solemnly stated: “At the end of May 1992, the small-capital god Yu Sheng Beach Iron cut off for one year.”

The Nanjing Night Net squatted and did not make it clear. They immediately slammed and said that the old man calmed down.

“I know, I know,” Hu Hao quickly lowered his voice again and said zealously, “The stock god, in 1993, is coming.”

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When I went back, I couldn’t avoid talking more. After all, the topic was rich this day, and I was also open to chat.

More than nine o’clock in the night, girls 304 dormitory, slumber party.

The dinner was very delicious. The girls rose to their last interest. After Zhao Meimei’s proposal, they all drank some wine, a couple of bottles, and a few two or three cups.

When I went back, I couldn’t avoid talking more. After all, the topic was rich this day, and I was also open to chat.

“Hey, ladies, quietly out, we chat with her boyfriend for more than two hours, will it be a bit bad?” One of the roommates laughed and quipped.

“I wouldn’t have talked about less meat… Even if it was Tang Yan, I wouldn’t eat him again.” Zhao Yimei scolded.

“That’s right.” Du Xiaoying answered: “You four are not poets and don’t tell you. You don’t know how powerful things are today. Quietly, you must admire our school girls.”

“I only thought that when I was just watching dinner, I was quietly taken away by him.”

“Haha, she was happy. Didn’t listen to Professor Shi? Well, those poems are in that person. It’s just to be quiet and happy. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

One said with a smile.

“Can not meet the demand, is the jade of the Xia Dynasty workers, and I speak to you. The fleeting time is to use a reincarnation time, I met two Lin Yu Jing … … mountains and rivers are not flat? I over the mountains, across the ocean Find Lin Yujing.”

The other smiled and carried those poems.

“Oh, you two can’t be stunned again. What you see and hear today is just so horrendous… It’s too much of a standard for my mate.” Zhao Zhaomei, who had just gotten interested, was suddenly depressed.

The remaining few laughed, but there was no opposition.

“Well, it was a pity that I went to a secondary school and went to a remote mountainous area, and the conditions were probably relatively poor…” Another roommate said after finishing stressing, “I didn’t demean him. I just felt like this, it was very quiet, Future variables are also large.”

For a short period of silence, we all know that Lin Yujing has a good family, but he has been saving money for the past six months in order to wait for him.

This matter can not say too much, Zhao Yumei opened the topic and said: “Hey, almost ten o’clock … …” “My voice secretly shouted:” You said, quietly sent him to the hostel for so long, today Will not come back at night? ”

Du Xiaoying was nervous and said, “Oh, what if you wait for the next investigation?”

Another roommate said, “Can’t you worry about something more important?”

“What happened?”

“What did you say?”

“Oh… that ah, that, er, shouldn’t it? It’s a school house.”

Regarding that matter, most of the girls have learned a bit since they came to university. It is not uncommon for them to hear that there are such things in school on weekdays. However, they really raised it. Fantasy footage followed, and there was still some tension and embarrassment.

The atmosphere is weird and the thoughts spread.

“Oh,” Lin Yujing pushed the door and said, “I’m back.”

Roommates took a breath.

“What have you been doing for so long?” Zhao Meimei deliberately joked: “We thought you weren’t coming back tonight.”

“Oh, how can… give him an exam and talk about it.”

Lin Yujing was a little depressed. When he finally left, he called him “Mr. Jiang,” and he didn’t understand it.

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Nanjing Night Net listened so quietly and walked.

Lin Yujing sent Nanjing Night Net to the campus guest house. Seven or eight girls met on the lawn reading “Lending Me” together on the lawn. There was no intentionally exaggerated tone and emotion. Several people voiced neatly and staggeredly: “Lend me one In my Jubilee Years, I borrowed my pieces and borrowed me to look ahead and look after me and borrow me as a teenager…”

Listening is quite sweet.

“Shitai said that there was a class that planned to recite this poem at the New Year’s party. It wasn’t because they were afraid.” Lin Yujing took a little pride in opening the book and pointed to the “borrow me” passage saying: “I just didn’t back down this first time because it was the most difficult to understand… Did you explain it to me?”

She drank a few glasses of wine, and her pale face showed a slight blush. Nanjing Night Network reached out and squeezed and said with a smile: “All said, it was written in random.”

Lin Yujing nodded and no longer questioned, took up the arms of Nanjing Night Net, slowly walked under the street lights, whispered slowly back to the “Flood Year,” “there is a lifetime, the narrow road meets…”

Her voice sounds good, if the southern girl has a standard of tongue-raising, the tone will be particularly lovely.

Nanjing Night Net listened so quietly and walked.

In fact, “borrowing me” is a person’s monologue. Nanjing Night Net has changed the original poetry because of its inaccuracy. It is very representative of his recollections, thoughts, and attitudes after his return.

The “Flourishing Year” is the story of two people. Regarding the recurrence of time, a narrow path that did not escape after all, and two different life stages about Lin Yujing’s past life and life being changed at the same time.

In the past life, she walked into a silent world alone. In this life, she met another Nanjing Night Net.

It’s just that this story is not known in past lives, I do not know this life.

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“Written expenses, legitimate income.” Nanjing Night Network explained.

At dinner, Zhao Xiaomei asked Nanjing Night Net: “We Professor Shi said that the next issue of the school journal wants to use half of the poems you wrote to remove the part of you and quietly playing, and make a follow-up essay. Ask you agree?”

“Did not agree.” Nanjing Night Net’s first reaction was to refuse. Then he thought and thought that it would be good to take these poems out to reveal a face. After many years Lin Xi wrote a fleeting year and suddenly found himself plagiarizing himself. Scared to death, so he said: “Is it not possible to sign it? Then, there is a fee?”

Lin Yujing swallowed another dish and nodded. “Yeah, is there a fee?”

“This one.” Zhao Meimei thought for a moment and said, “Wouldn’t you just ask Professor Shi directly? He just said he wanted to see you.”

Du Xiaoying answered: “I don’t think so. How can he be so embarrassed?

“I’m sorry,” said Nanjing Night Network.

“He’s very sorry,” Lin Yujing said.

All Lin Yujing’s roommates, holding their chopsticks, forgot to chew and turned to look at them.

“Written expenses, legitimate income.” Nanjing Night Network explained.

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